Grandpa could’t hear the TV

I was recently looking for a birthday gift for my Grandpa. I remember when I was young, going to his house and being distinctly ignored while he watched the game. This worked well for both of us as I would rather play in the yard or with my cousins and he would rather watch the game rather than babysit. Nowadays though, grandpa doesn’t hear so well.

I wanted to get Grandpa something to help him hear the game again. Hearing aids would be the obvious choice but those are a pretty personal choice and considerably outside my budget anyhow. I looked into tv headphones for the hearing impaired with a long cord and that was certainly an option but the drawback is that if you’ve ever tried to wear headphones for long periods of time they can hurt your ears and get all sweaty and gross.

Another option would be to get a proper sound system but I’m afraid he would keep the neighbors up all night when he forgets to turn off the TV.┬áThe my mom found some wireless tv speakers online that consists of small speakers that you hang on the back of your chair. The great thing about these is that he can hear the TV without blasting the whole house. It’s also fairly discreet as opposed to the headphone route.

I ended up getting a pair of these for him and he couldn’t be happier. Happy birthday indeed… now let’s watch the game!

If you’re interested in a pair for yourself, check out this video that my mom first found that led us to Audiofox.

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