What Happens When You Go to a Chiropractor?

Some people are apprehensive about consulting a chiropractor like Clark County Chiro regarding their bodily pains. The common reasons are fear of aggravating their condition or worse, breaking their necks. Sadly, these are just misconceptions that actually deter those people from getting the proper treatment that their body deserves.

ChiropractorDo you fit this bill? Are you one of those people who are scared of visiting a chiropractor? Do you feel like a Vancouver WA chiropractor does not have enough qualifications? Do not let your fears stop you from getting the appropriate treatment and improving your way of life. In reality, a chiropractor dedicated seven to eight years of his life studying and undergoing internship to qualify for a license.

But what really happens inside a chiropractor’s office? Allow us to take you to a step-by-step process as to what happens when you go to a chiropractor.
What Happens In a Chiropractor’s Office?

No worries. Your fears of the chiropractor forcing you to lie down on a chiropractic table and wringing your neck upon the first consultation will never happen. And for your peace of mind, know that the typical consultation lasts anywhere from 40 minutes to an hour. Here’s how a chiropractor does it:

  1. Your first visit to a chiropractor is pretty much the same as when you consult a medical practitioner for the first time. He asks you what your issues are and takes note of them. He will also ask you about your family and medical history, the physical activities you take part in and also the types of food you eat. This is the best time to tell him about your fears so he can explain to you how chiropractic is done and how safe it can be.
  2. He or an assistant will take your blood pressure, temperature, respiration, reflexes and other standard procedures.
  3. After taking your history, the chiropractor will conduct the chiropractic exam in a private area. You may be asked to undress, but you will be provided with a hospital gown for comfort. He will ask you to move your head and extremities (arms and legs) so that he can check the range of their mobility. Then, he will ask you to lie face down on the chiropractic table so that he can locate where your pain is coming from.
  4. If the chiropractic finds it necessary, he may ask to have the affected part of your body to be x-rayed. For extreme cases, he may ask for an MRI, blood tests, urine analysis, etc.
  5. Once he has all the necessary findings, he will discuss a treatment plan will you. It may involve a series of treatments over a course of a few weeks to a few months, depending on the severity of your condition. He may also refer you to other doctors in related fields if he finds that you have a need for treatments other than chiropractic.
  6. The chiropractor may also recommend a diet plan and exercise routines depending on your reasons for seeking help. This is to ensure that you maximize all the benefits of chiropractic treatment.

Really, a visit to a chiropractor is not something to be apprehensive about. It is just like visiting a new physician, with just a little twist on the side.

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